System Development

Creating a new software with a specific set of functions in a specified timeframe requires an effective decision to form an independent project team. The team includes analysts, programmers, testers and a project manager.

Fast transition

Diversification of Development

Automating processes without much trouble

Scope of work

Implement a project to develop a “Marketing” information system, which allows automation of the process of coordinating the company's advertising budgets.


Choose an experienced and qualified contractor – Effective Technologies company. We’ll do all the rest.

Solution stages

Interviewing all the customer’s stakeholders and preparing a functional specification for the system
Preparation of estimates and quotes, coordinating the contract with the customer
Detailed analytical study of the future system: preparation and presentation to the customer of dynamic prototypes, user story, coordination of TOR
Start development of a flexible iterative system. You can see the results in a couple of weeks.
New functions released every two weeks. The customer can make adjustments, the system starts working.
A complete set of technical, operational and user documentation is handed over to the customer.


The system is in commercial operation, is maintained and developed.

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