Diversification of Development

If a single project team has expertise in estimating the cost of maintenance and development work, and also decides on the technologies used, control over the level of estimates feasibility is complicated. However, the company has no choice but to trust the submitted financial estimates and technological solutions used. Consequently, the customer has to continue working with the current team.

Fast transition

System Development

Taking back the control over the development process

Scope of work

The client’s company owns the rights to the Project system. The system was developed and maintained by the “Former Developer” company that started to issue unrealistically large bills for its services. The client’s company is not able to maintain the system on its own, since it does not have the necessary experts on its staff. In addition, the system has almost no documentation, and the documents in existence are hopelessly outdated. The result is the client is fully in the power of the developer.


Diversify development with Effective Technologies. We’ll do all the rest.

Solution stages

Interviewing all the client’s stakeholders, reviewing the functionality and system code (if possible). Audit
Coordination of the framework agreement for the development of new functional tasks and the system support agreement
We select the specialists necessary to support and develop the system. We study the program code. We create our own code repository and release system
Now we can carry out tasks for the development of functionality and current system support, without creating any issues in commercial operation
We document the old program code, update technical documentation on the system and user manuals. The client will no longer have problems attracting new contractors


We can either develop and maintain the system together with the “Former Developer” company, or without it.

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