With over 20 years of experience in information system development and participation in technology projects of various scales, the Effective Tecnologies team has proven that customers are facing similar business challenges. This site section presents a set of typical approaches, including examples of specific customer tasks and solution methods.


The need to assemble a remote team of specialists with the expertise needed by the customer to solve problems in the development and support of information systems arises more and more often. Effective Technologies guarantees prompt assembly of a team of high-class experts, with methods of communication developed over years and allowing the customer to regard the remote team as part of their own developers team.

A team has been formed to develop and support the services of the Moët Hennessy Expert information system.

System Development

Creating a new software with a specific set of functions in a specified timeframe requires an effective decision to form an independent project team. The team includes analysts, programmers, testers and a personal project manager.

We have designed,developed and launched an information system — Mykarcher platform.

Diversification of Development

If a single project team has expertise in estimating the cost of maintenance and development work, and also decides on the technologies used. Control over the level of estimates feasibility is complicated, however, the company has no choice but to trust the submitted financial estimates and technological solutions used. Consequently, the customer has to continue working with the current team.

We researched the architecture and applied technologies of the existing solution of the Ford Sollers Holding, and assembled an additional project team.