Testing of information systems

Reliable and seamless operation of commercial software is the direct result of a well-organized testing and quality control process.

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Software testing

Organization of the testing process in the development of new software products
Conducting comprehensive testing of commercial software products
Outsourcing software acceptance testing

Increasing complexity and changing requirements for information systems lead to a greater number of defects. Testing, as an integral part of the production cycle, ensures software quality.

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Types of software testing

Functional testing with deep immersion into business processes of a software product. Drawing up test plans, test cases and checklists. Application of test management systems: TestRail, TestLink
Automated testing. Development of automated scripts and scripts using Unit test, Selenium and HP Quiktest Professional
Load testing and stress tests. Application of load testing tools: JMeter, Tsung and WAPT
Usability testing of applications and interfaces, organization of focus groups operation
Testing for compliance with the declared functionality of operating and technical documentation
Hardware basis for testing information systems and mobile applications in their native environments

Additional information about the approaches we use for software testing is available on the Technologies page.


Testing during development of new software products

Effective Technologies company is able to organize testing and provide resources of highly qualified testing engineers and usability specialists both during the internal development of software products and during the joint development with a customer or another outsourcing company.

The interaction can be carried out according to different models: the customer sends a certain amount of functionality for testing, or uses the test engineers resources according to the outstaffing procedure.

Comprehensive testing of software in operation

Often, there are situations when the customer needs to test a product that is already launched into commercial operation. This happens because of poor-quality testing of the functional at the development stage, or due to numerous user comments received.

Effective Technologies provides this kind of service and conducts comprehensive testing of an operating product, including testing of functionality, workload, interface convenience, testing documentation completeness and much more. Based on the comprehensive testing results, the customer is provided with a detailed report.

Outsourcing software acceptance testing

Sometimes, due to the lack of time or technical qualifications, it is difficult for a customer to accept an information system or application developed by a contractor.

In such cases, Effective Technologies offers the use of a software acceptance test outsourcing service that includes:

Audit of operating, technical and design documentation
Checking for compliance of the software product with all functions and requirements stated in the documentation
Carrying out positive and negative software testing scenarios
Calculation of the predicted regular and peak load on the software product during operation and conducting of a set of stress tests
Preparation of reports on the results of acceptance tests with recommendations on the development or on launching of software

Trusting our specialists with acceptance testing of the software, the customer may rest assured that the software will work reliably in commercial operation, and will have all the declared functions.

The best software testing projects

We have developed and implemented a mobile application and personal account that allow users to send to the car manufacturer information about the status and location of new cars online.