Prototyping of information systems

Effective Technologies develops dynamic prototypes of business information systems interfaces.

Fast transition


Dynamic interface prototype capabilities

User interface visualization
Layout of controls, informational and graphic content
User roles allocation
Detailed functions and scenarios for user operation
Complete picture of the business processes that implement certain functions of the software product

The customer’s concept of the information system is a sufficient condition for creating the prototype. The Effective Technologies team is ready to give you a complete idea of what the future project will look like even before development.

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A live tool for solving business tasks

The dynamic prototype is a prototype creating a form similar to that in which the software product will operate.

An open part of the system and personal accounts are created for each user or operator/administrator role with a layout of menu items, interfaces and forms.

Text and graphic content are added to the prototype. Links and buttons of the prototype are clickable and all declared user scripts operate.

Dynamic interface prototype advantages

A dynamic prototype gives the potential developer a clear understanding of customer expectations and requirements. The customer saves time and money at the stage of choosing a developer and setting tasks, in the process of developing the software product
The prototype is the result of joint work of the analyst, UX-specialist and customer representatives. When creating a prototype, the customer gets new ideas about development of the system, additional functions, improving user scenarios
It’s a ready-made tool for presentations to potential customers, investors and managers.
Low cost of creating a dynamic prototype
It does not take long to see how the future system will look like and operate. Creating a prototype, depending on the complexity, takes 1–3 weeks

We are able to create a prototype of new functions and functional blocks for the current working systems.

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Tools for prototype creation

Axure RP and InVision have proven to be perfect prototyping tools for web applications, desktop applications, TV applications, applications for mobile phones and tablets and other platforms.

Also, the Effective Technologies team uses – a service for creating interactive prototypes of applications for mobile devices.

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