Software development

Effective Technologies is an accredited developer of software and services for all industries and economic sectors. We are able to find the right solutions for your IT challenges in business.

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Expertise in developing the following software

Electronic trading platforms and procurement automated systems

development of Leading Trading Software Platforms and purchasing automation systems


development of specific portals, online stores; standard and reference information management systems, loyalty programs, dynamic sites

Process automation

electronic document flow, coordination chains, CRM, supply automation, tenders search, production management

Personal accounts

development of personal web-accounts for organizations and users with an extensive system of roles and powers

Banking software

automation of bank guarantees, automation of payroll projects, mobile banking, integration with processing

Monitoring systems

monitoring parameters of server rooms and software and hardware systems, monitoring business logic of information systems

Public information systems

regional portals for public services, automation of regional state programs, targeted investment programs, RIS of public procurements

Mobile applications

development of mobile applications for iOS, Android

Our development team has created software for industry leaders, helping them outperform competitors, increase revenues and automate critical workflows. 

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Software Development Approaches

Application of AGILE development methodologies with delivery of predictable results to the customer at each iteration (SCRUM, Kanban)
Application of dynamic prototyping of interfaces and modern notations of business process modeling
Using our own solutions library reduces the effort required to implement standard components.
Application of service-oriented architecture (SOA) in the development of information systems
Application of Continuous Integration practices in projects allows automated publication of releases at any time, together with automated testing.

More information about the technologies we use when developing software is available on the Technologies page.


Customer interaction models

Project outsourcing

It is used for time-limited development of one specific software product (product module).

Customer benefits: cost savings compared to internal development, full responsibility of the outsourcer for the timeframes and result.


Assigning a separate group of experts fitting the challenges of the customer. The assigned group has the expertise required by the customer. This model is designed for long-term cooperation.

Customer benefits: constantly available resource with the necessary expertise, ability to plan tasks based on the allocated resource.

Effective Technologies recommends that when developing software you should enter into an agreement for the staged delivery of work. This approach gives the customer control over making changes during development. The schedule for staged delivery of works is agreed upon when the contract is entered into and ensures the predictability of work results for the customer.

The development contract reflects that payment is made only for the parts of the work actually performed. The TOR is an integral part of the contract, in which customer requirements are set forth.

Our advantages

The cost of work is reduced because the development center is local and tax benefits are used
Transparent project implementation cycle with provision of customer access to the automated project management system
The use of various models of cooperation, depending on the needs of the customer: project outsourcing, the organization of dedicated teams (“Team-as-a-Service” approach)

The best software development projects

We have designed, developed and launched a single platform that allows you to plan and conduct remote learning sessions based on the SCORM model.


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