Effective Technologies company provides IT services for process automation, software development and mobile applications, information systems prototyping, testing, technical support.

Software development

Application of advanced software development methodologies, including flexible iterative approaches, allows customers to get predictable results as soon as possible. Our experience and expertise in various subject areas allow our team to solve challenges of any scale: creation of corporate solutions, web services, mobile applications, public information systems and software and hardware systems. Our company offers flexible collaboration models: project outsourcing, “Team-as-a-Service” approach.

Our development team has created software for industry leaders, helping them outperform competitors, increase revenues and automate critical workflows. Allow us to help you achieve this.

Prototyping of information systems NEW

The Prototyping of Information Systems service will help to visualize the interface of the future information system and show the main user scenarios in operation. The prototype will show what the system looks like before the software code development is started.

Get an answer to the questions “What will the system look like?”, “How will it operate?”, “What will users see in their personal accounts?” – order the dynamic prototyping service from Effective Technologies

Testing of information systems

We offer software owners a “Testing-as-a-Service” package that includes a full range of advanced solutions for testing information systems and mobile applications: functional testing, testing for compliance with the TOR, automated testing, usability testing, load testing and much more.

Increasing complexity and changing requirements for information systems lead to an increasing number of defects. Testing, as an integral part of the production cycle, ensures software quality.

Software maintenance

High-quality maintenance of commissioned services allows minimizing the time needed to solve incidents and ensure maximum efficiency of the software. Our company offers a service to maintain customer information systems. Transition to outsourcing technical support leads to a reduction in internal service costs and increases the quality of user support. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Effective Technologies guarantees smooth work for each user of your system.

Outsourcing technical support will allow you to optimize the cost of internal support services and focus on the specific activities of the company.