ORIGINAL-MAKET.PRO system for orders coordination for printing products.

The system is designed for the coordination of drawings and layouts between enterprises of the pharmaceutical/cosmetic/food industry and companies developing and producing packaging materials.

Project Overview

Scope of work

Develop an information system to simplify and centralize customers’ interaction (enterprises of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food industry, manufacturers of household chemicals) and contractors (companies developing and producing packaging materials, printing production, design studios).

Improve the convenience and speed of users’ interaction by providing support tools integrated within a single system (scheduling, online chat, graphic editor, access system).

The system should meet increased requirements for information security, performance and fault tolerance. The developed solution should also include the possibility of working with foreign companies.

It is necessary to implement system integration with information systems for keeping contractor records, as well as to perform migration of historical data from the existing information systems.


A team of technical specialists and business analysts, integrated with the project team of the customer to perform design, development and implementation of the information system.

We have established processes of iterative development with periodic demonstration and transfer of predictable work results for customer acceptance.

The system has been commissioned and is perfectly functional. Work on the design, development and introduction of additional functionality is currently underway.

Completed work

Source data analysis and system architecture study. Development and testing of the system software code. Interface design. Integration with internal information systems of PROMIS JSC. Deployment and configuration of the infrastructure for the system functioning. Data migration. Development of IUP, carrying out control tests and trial operation of the system. Commercial commissioning of the system, preparation of a complete package of operating documentation. Release of new software versions with enhanced functionality.

PROMIS JSC testimonial

PROMIS JSC hereby wants to thank Effective Technologies (Effective Technologies LLC) for the successful implementation of the project on the development of the ORIGINAL-MAKET.PRO information system, automating the processes of creating and coordinating design layouts and drawings, as well as implementing information management tools for orders and settlements.

The project team has completed the work in accordance with the set requirements, with high quality and on time.

PROMIS JSC recommends the IT company Effective Technologies as a developer capable of solving complex challenges in automating business processes of an enterprise.

Ye.Ye. Slinyakov


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