Mykarcher Training Portal

Mykarcher Training Portal is a unified Platform that allows you to plan full-time training and conduct remote training for vendors selling Kärcher brand goods, as well as motivating vendors for remote training through ratings, combined with a gift shop. In the gift shop, you can purchase souvenirs from Kärcher paying with points scored during training. Lessons and tests are based on the SCORM model.

Project Overview

Scope of work

Design, develop and launch the Mykarcher Training Portal.


Single Page Application approach was used during Portal development.
The following technology stack is used:
- Backend: PHP 7, YII 2 framework
- Frontend: Angular 6
- format of training resources: SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) – the standard for creating an electronic course for remote training systems.

Completed work

- developed an interactive prototype of the Portal interfaces;
- developed TOR for Portal creation;
- developed Portal interfaces layout
- developed open and closed parts of the Portal using the Single Page Application approach;
- developed a module for loading and processing SCORM files;
- developed a full-scale adaptive version of the Portal;
- deployed an industrial version of the Portal on the Customer’s hardware.

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