Information Service for providing car statuses in Ford Sollers Holding

Service for the Nizhny Novgorod dealer of Ford cars, which allows sending of online information about the status and location of cars to the car manufacturer.

Project Overview

Scope of work

Develop and implement in commercial service a mobile application and a personal Internet web account that allows online sending of information about the status of new cars, in accordance with the Ford requirements.


A team has been formed to develop a mobile application and a personal account. Software has been developed and implemented. Deadlines were met for car data provision established by Ford.

Completed work

Created architecture of the mobile application and web service. Developed the program code for the mobile application and web service. Prepared a full set of service operating documentation. Users training sessions have been held. Put the service into commercial operation. Maintenance of service and the release of new versions with enhanced functionality are carried out.

ST Nizhegorodets LLC recommendation

ST Nizhegorodets LLC hereby wants to thank Effective Technologies (Effective Technologies LLC) for the successful implementation of a project aimed at developing a web service and a mobile application for the rapid management of car conversion statuses.

The project team has finished the work in accordance with the requirements, and continues to enhance and provide support for the developed service.

ST Nizhegorodets LLC recommends the Effective Technologies IT company as a developer capable of quickly creating a high-tech tool that is easy to use and solves business challenges.

S.Yu. Limonnikov


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